Who do we Do? For you?

Our mission is to ensure that we understand the client’s objectives and requirements, and to ensure that we achieve those objectives by providing the client with consulting services of the highest standards, designs which are economical in construction and maintenance, and within the stipulated time frame.

This enable us to offer value at competitive prices while maintaining structural integrity.

Why Us?


Nyali Consult is in full knowledge of the risks associated with structural engineering and the most significant ones being:
• Sub-standard construction works on site
• Inadequate working capital
• Timely calendar of completions
• Natural calamities


• Competent, experienced and technical staff in force, ensures quality standards of design ,detailing and supervision
• Informed Architect liaison to avoid errors in detailing
• We encourage safe operating practices
• Nyali Consult through the principal partner is insured against investment risks

…Provision of complete technical design services, construction work and procurement  services for the design, construction  and execution of any project in the East African Territories

Health, Safety And Environment Management Policy


Quality and Safety are at the very centre of all our operations. We believe in quality being a continuous process and thus we routinely conduct on-site impromptu visits to retain this focus in our project delivery processes. We are focused on delivering value to our customers at every stage of the project. We want to achieve this with our continuous commitment.


We recognize the importance of safety, health and environment management to the success of the project.
Hence, We are always committed to taking all reasonable steps to insure a safe and healthy workplace at all our sites, simultaneously acknowledging our responsibility in the ongoing Climate Emergency.

“Always Remember, we are also responsible for the health and safety of the global populace as a consequence of the influence of construction on global emissions and climate change”

What We Do?

We understand Requirements..

We have detailed design capability across all types of civil engineering and construction works. These processes ensure strict compliance with code requirements ensuring designs are fit for purpose, are fully optimized and reflect our approach to engineering.


“Our services and duties shall be in accordance with the latest edition of ‘The Scale of Fees and Conditions of Engagement for Consulting Engineering Services in Kenya 2022’ published by the Engineers Board of Kenya in Exercise of the powers conferred by The Engineers’ Act, 2011”

We Work Precisely..

  • We optimise concept designs through Structural Design Softwares, enabling clients to make sound investment decisions and execute projects with minimal technical, cost and schedule risks.
  • We provide informed decision support, cost estimate refinement, detail project scheduling and quantitative risk profiling-all of which align with our client’s approvals/ sanctioning needs.  We derive functional requirements for equipment   and systems, and provide informed support in deriving contracting strategies, collating bidders lists, issuing tender invitations and performing bid assessments for equipment delivery and installation

We Deliver Best Output..

The fundi will tell the client what he wants to hear. 

We will tell you what you should hear and advice on the best possible undertaking to realize your dream. Clients choose fundis due to budget constraints, unaware of the risks involved.

That small crack that continues to grow diagonally from the corner window is not by accident.

Design Consultancy

Steel Structures

We deliver design and value engineering through building information modelling (BIM) and extensive and exhaustive design of steel structures such as;,
 Industrial steel building plants
 Conveyor handling structure
 Telecommunication towers
 Warehouse Complexes
 Sport centre or stadia

Concrete Structures

Our team consists of an expert and engineers that has been worked in various technically demanding projects such as high-rise office and residential buildings, insitutions and other uses

Other Structures

EPS building technology is one of the alternative construction technologies in Kenya today. The EPS panels are versatile and can be used for various construction applications because of their lightweight nature, stability, and strength.
The biggest gain though is realized on labour costs but only realized when doing multiple units.

The best of service delivery in engineering design and construction

…through quality, affordable and customized engineering services

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