Our Services

Who are we?

We strive to frequently and regularly communicate with our customers with honesty and friendliness, starting from business prospecting to delivery and beyond, to understand their needs and requirement.

This enable us to offer value at competitive prices.

Statement Value

The best of service delivery in Engineering design and construction

Mission Statement

Through quality, affordable and customized services

What Do We Offer?

Provision of complete technical design services, construction work and procurement  services for the design, construction  and execution of any project in the East African Territories

We Understand Requirements

We meet regulatory and statutory requirements while ensuring environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction

We Work Precisely ​

With tremendous expertise and experience on the latest structural analysis and design software

We Deliver Best Output​

We have the capacity and experience to undertake a range of services from the onset of a project to its completion

Our Specialization

To provide technically and economically sound solutions in civil and structural infrastructure development for both private and public sector, to the satisfaction of the client while meeting regulatory and statutory requirements and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Technical Project Appraisal

Carry out detailed cost evaluations on project options. We also perform cost/benefit analysis on various options at the appraisal stage and provide a report on the viability of a project

Contract Administration & Supervision

We provide detailed supervision during construction; and ensure quality control. We provide progress reports at regular intervals of a project and give final as-built details for the project on completion. We maintain a skeleton technical staff, but commensurate to the volumes of work, recruiting or outsourcing additional experts, is within their ability

Concept Design​

At the concept stage of design, we determine the various design forms based on use, economy and aesthetics. We may also provide cost estimates for civil works at this stage.


Our experience and training in Project Management also allows us to provide turnkey solutions with an efficient design & build approach. A single point of responsibility allows us to conduct our projects without boundaries, communicate instantaneously, thus significantly reduce the time to complete the project, compared to the traditional approach

Detailed Design​

Carry out detailed design calculations, detailed working drawings, specifications and schedules, and/or cost appraisal for civil works. We then submit the drawings and calculations for approval to the statutory authorities.

Structural Audits

We carry out structural audits on existing structures to determine whether they are suitable for the loads they are designed for. and/or additional new loads, for example extensions to an existing structure. We check the existing structure to see whether it has any additional capacity for new loads.

The best of service delivery in engineering design and construction

…through quality, affordable and customized engineering services

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